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We'll give you the help you need to accelerate your growth, solidify your revenues,

and handle a broad range of legal issues.

NEED TO FUND YOUR BUSINESS? We’ll give you the help you need to accelerate your growth, solidify your revenues, and handle a broad range of legal issues small businesses face on a regular basis. And if you qualify we’ll acquire for you business lines of credit and a government-backed SBA loan. SBA loans are a great way to grow your business with low interest and easy monthly payments.

Are you a startup, existing business without financials, or just looking for some growth capital to take your business to the next level? We’ll give you the help you need, with a dedicated staff to assist with all your business and legal needs. We can begin work immediately, and can typically help our clients achieve anywhere from $10,000 to $150,000 in unsecured business finance. Plus we’ll get for you a government backed SBA loan. SBA loans have low interest rates, easy monthly payments, require no collateral, and range from $5,000 to $25,000.


What You Get: Aggregate totals of $10,000 to $150,000 in Business Credit Lines (unsecured)

Business Requirements: Clean business history, no judgments or unpaid loans (New Corporations OK) [ Business financials and history not required, but could increase results ]

Officer Requirements: At least one corporate officer must meet the following criteria 

• 710+ FICO credit score (800+ if Vantage scoring is used ( 

• No derogatory credit marks within 12 months 

• No judgments or collections in unpaid status 

• Absolutely No Bankruptcies 

• At least 3 established credit lines; 1 or more with $5,000+ limits 

• Limited recent credit inquiries. (12 in 1 year, no more than 4 per bureau) 

• Credit debt ratios under 50% total; no single credit line over 75% The officer must maintain a clean profile through the program. This includes avoiding mortgage changes and additional car loans during the program.

Timeline: Need to Incorporate? Professional incorporation done in 1-4 Weeks If you are already incorporated: 2-5 days to review for issues pertaining to 411 listing, tax liens, existing loans and hidden financial problems Phase 1 {days 14-30}: Business Funding ($10K-$100K) Phase 2 {days 30-60}: Personal Funding ($10K-$50K) Phase 3 {days 45-75}: Mini-SBA, Vendors, Equipment

Rates: Business Credit Cards (new business owners or existing with no docs) o 0 – 15% APR (variables include: state, industry, time in business, & credit)  Mini SBA – 7.75% variable based on Prime Rates and offers vary based on economic conditions, market changes, industry codes, state of business formation, credit profile, and various other factors.

Cost: Success based fees: 12% of funding achieved by client.

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